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Last Updated: Friday July 16 2010 18:26 GMT

Justin Bieber beats Lady GaGa to most viewed video

Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa

Justin Bieber is winning a battle with Lady GaGa for the most viewed YouTube video of all time.

On Thursday night, the website confirmed that Bieber's Baby video had edged out Lady GaGa's Bad Romance with a whopping 245,074,968 views.

Shortly after, the site announced that GaGa had gone back in the lead. But on Friday evening, Bieber was in front again by over half a million views.

It's thought fans are clicking lots to keep their fave star on top!

Lady GaGa's Bad Romance grabbed pole position on the video sharing site in April.

Funnily enough, it overtook a video of a baby - a real one! - called Charlie, biting his brother's finger.