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Last Updated: Thursday July 15 2010 07:25 GMT

Petrol bombs thrown in Belfast riots

A car is set on fire in the Belfast riots

Petrol bombs were thrown during a fourth night of violence on the streets of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

A car was also set on fire during the riots in the Ardoyne area. Police fired baton rounds- which are non-lethal bullets - at some of the crowd.

But there were fewer people involved than in the previous three days.

This is all happening because of the historic troubles there - some people in Northern Ireland disagree over whether it should be part of the UK.

The violence has flared up now because Northern Ireland is in the middle of the marching season at the moment. This is when people take part in traditional parades in the street.

Police vans at the riot
Police vans at the riot

Some of the marchers think Northern Ireland should remain as part of the UK, but others reckon it should leave the UK.


Sometimes this can lead to fighting between the two groups.

Politicians and the police in Northern Ireland are holding talks about what's been going on, and how to stop the violence.