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Last Updated: Thursday July 15 2010 04:50 GMT

In pics: Kids chalk up playground art awards

'The Small But Mighty Ant' by Emma, Hampshire (winner in 11-14 age group)

Kids coloured in their playgrounds, paths and patios for the Young Pavement Artists Competition. This f-ANT-astic piece by Emma in Hampshire won the 11-14 age group.

'Fox' by Lily, Bromsgrove (runner-up in 11-14 age group)

Around 2,000 kids from all over the UK got their chalks out to enter. This foxy artwork by Lily from Bromsgrove was runner-up in the 11-14 category.

'Blue Whale' by Levi, 5, Wiltshire (winner in 4-5 age group)

Levi from Wiltshire must be having a whale of a time celebrating his 'Blue Whale' entry winning the 4-5 age group. All drawings had to follow the theme 'Strength by Nature'.

'Colourful House and Volcano' by Hannah, 5, Stratford (runner-up in 4-5 age group)

Hannah's colourful house and volcano was runner-up in the same category. The competition raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

'Flying Birds and Other Animals' by Dylan, 7, Wiltshire (winner in 5-7 age group)

Dylan from Wiltshire won the 5-7 category. Tracy Beaker illustrator Nick Sharratt judged the competition. He said: "It's amazing for someone so young to draw with such style."

'Volcano' by Tom, 6, London (runner up in 5-7 age group)

This volcano by Tom in London was runner-up out of the entries received by 5 to 7-year-olds.

'The Volcano' by Jake, 10, Tewkesbury (winner in 7-11 age group)

It seems volcanoes were popular! Jake, 10, from Tewkesbury also drew one - it won him the 7-11 category. Something to do with THAT volcano in Iceland, perhaps?

'Lion in the Grass' by Robbie, Milngavie (runner-up in 7-11 age group)

This looks like a lion to us - was Robbie showing his support for England's World Cup team? We'd think so, except that Robbie lives in Milngavie in Scotland!

Entry by Daniel, 14, Wiltshire (originality winner)

There was also a special prize for originality, which was won by Daniel, 14, Wiltshire. This award is given in memory of the former CBBC SMart presenter, Mark Speight.

'Sea Surge' by Lauren, Hampshire (runner-up in 14-19 age group)

Check out this scary 'Sea Surge' scene by Lauren in Hampshire. She was runner-up in the 14-19 age group.

'Mother Earth' by Jothikka, 14, London (winner in 14-19 age group and overall winner)

'Mother Earth' by Jothikka, 14, got TWO awards - 14-19 age group winner AND the overall prize. Judge Nick Sharratt said: "It was original and shows nature in a positive light."