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Last Updated: Wednesday July 14 2010 06:14 GMT

Fox survives freezing sea swim

The fox

A freezing fox who was discovered floating in the sea has made an amazing recovery, wildlife rescuers have said.

People on a boat on the Sussex coast spotted the cub as they came into harbour. They fished him out of the water and called animal experts.

The fox was so cold that his temperature didn't register on a thermometer, and rescuers were worried he wouldn't survive the night.

But he's now made a full recovery and will be released back into the wild.

Rescued fox
This is what the fox looked like just after he was rescued

Trevor Weeks, from the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, said the fox was very poorly when he was bought into them on Sunday.

The fox, who they've named Refresher, had to have emergency first aid and he slept on heat pads.

'Amazing story'

But when they went to check on the animal the next day, they thought someone had put a different fox in the cage.

"He had dried out, was up and about, standing and eating as if nothing had happened," Mr Weeks said.

"This is an amazing story and it just shows you how resilient wildlife can be."