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Last Updated: Tuesday July 13 2010 15:35 GMT

France closer to full veil ban

A veiled woman in France

A vote by French MPs means the country is a step closer to banning full-face veils from being worn in public, which some Muslim women there wear.

Only one politician said they didn't want to stop people wearing full veils, and many say they don't think Muslim women should have to cover their face.

But some Muslim women have spoken out saying it's their right to wear the veil and they wear it for their faith.

The government hasn't decided how they will make people follow the law.

Wearing full-face veils has been an issue in England too.

The government has said it's really important for teachers and pupils to be able to make eye-contact during lessons at school.

Court case

Back in 2007 a 12-year-old Muslim girl lost her fight to get her school's ban on wearing a full-face veil lifted.

Girl wearing a full-face veil

Her school in Buckinghamshire won a big court case about it and afterwards the government promised to make the rules clearer.

The school argued that teachers needed to be able to see if a pupil was enthusiastic, paying attention or unhappy, and they said the veil, called a niqab, made it hard to do this.