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Last Updated: Wednesday July 14 2010 04:36 GMT

Britney Spears gets Glee makeover

Britney Spears and members of the Glee cast

Calling all gleeks... Britney Spears has been unveiled as the latest pop star to get a Glee makeover!

The comedy musical show has a running theme where it takes the songs of a famous singer and spends a whole episode Glee-ifying them.

The most recent dedicated episode was to Madonna, so Britney Spears must be feeling pretty flattered to be chosen.

Britney hasn't said whether or not she'll be taking a starring role in Glee herself.

But she did say on a chat website that she's a fan of the show: "I love Glee, the cast is so talented."

Emmy nominations

Not long ago Glee grabbed a massive 19 Emmy nominations!

Glee star
This is Lea Michele who plays Rachel

The Emmy awards are handed out in the US and they're for the best TV shows over the past year.

The Glee cast aren't just up for best comedy. Some of them, like teacher and club leader Mr Schuester, also got best comedy actor nominations.

The ceremony's not 'til August though, so the stars will have to hold on to find out how many they actually win.