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Last Updated: Monday July 12 2010 15:55 GMT

Hotseat: Ore answers YOUR questions


As you all know, Ore's been out in South Africa to dig out all the best World Cup stories and keep us all informed with his up-to-date footy facts.

He's a busy man working hard out there, but he's been able to answer a few of the questions you've been sending in.

Did you enjoy it in South Africa? Did Sonali miss you he he!- Aisha, 12, Bradford, England

I had such a great time in South Africa. I had come earlier in January to check out the preparations before the World Cup and that was fascinating to watch the country coming together.

Then to actually be here for the football was amazing.

I am ABSOLUTELY sure that Sonali missed me, even if she doesn't admit it!

How many carnivores have you seen in Africa? - Adam, 7, Ely, England

Not too many actually.

A lot of the animals we saw are herbivores, but I did get to stroke a lion cub - that was amazing.

I was pretty scared, thinking 'if it wanted to, this lion could bite my hand off!!' Fortunately, it was quite tame and I got away...ALIVE!

Why did they not allow frank lampards goal? - Finlay, 6, Edinburgh, Scotland

Unfortunately for Frank Lampard, England and all of us England fans watching the game, the referee and his team of officials just didn't see the ball go over the line.

I'm sure the referee was pretty disappointed watching the TV replays at the end of the game because it clearly is a goal.

Will they start using goal-line technology? I hope so, but we'll have to wait and see.

When you were a little boy did you want to be a footballer for Man U? - Jordan, 11, London, England

I really did. I wanted to be just like David Beckham.

The only problem was that I didn't practice anywhere near as hard as he would have done while he was growing up.

But I've met Becks twice now, working for Newsround and Sportsround, so I'm happy!

How did the octopus get the score right and you didn't? The octopus is just an animal but you are a human. - Jessica, 9, London, England

That's a very good question Jessica!

And if only we could get into the mind of Paul the Octopus, then we'd know how he was so clever.

I'd love to be able to predict football scores as well as Paul but personally I wouldn't like to go anywhere an octopus - they're slimy and I think quite frightening too!

Who do u think is the best youngster at the World Cup? - Ivo, 9, Newbury, England

Thomas Mueller of Germany actually won the award for the World Cup's best young player as well as the golden boot with his 5 strikes.

Thomas Mueller

But I'm going to go for another German, Mesut Oezil. He's only 21 but when Germany thrashed England 4-1, he was just brilliant.

He sprinted, passed and moved around England's midfield like they weren't there! I'd love him to play for Man Utd.

What's their favourite sport in South Africa? - Connor, 14, England

They love all kinds of sport in South Africa.

They're actually one of the only countries ever to have hosted a football, rugby and cricket World Cup, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Olympics came here sooner rather than later.