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Last Updated: Monday July 12 2010 14:36 GMT

In pics: Ore's journey to the final

Ore with the people dancing outside the Durban airport

When the Newsround team arrived in Durban they were greeted by a group of children performing a crazy dance routine. Check out the guy in the white T-shirt at the back!

Ore arrives in Durban

It's not just about the World Cup, when Ore was in Durban they were about to host a wind surfing championship.

Ore with a dog

This was Ore's furry friend at the hotel he stayed in. He wants to make it clear he didn't share a room with him!

Ore eating biltong

Here was Ore eating Biltong - it's a special meat they eat out in South Africa. Apparently it's really healthy.

Ore in the players' seats on the pitch

When Ore flew to Johannesburg he got to check out the World Cup final pitch. Here he's sitting where the subs and managers sit.

World Cup pitch

The pitch looked pristine two days before the final.

Ore on the World Cup pitch

And check out how excited Ore looked, standing at Soccer City stadium where the World Cup final was!

Ore with a fake World Cup

Ore also managed to get his hands on the World Cup trophy! Well, sort of...

Ore with fellow Netherlands fans

He was supporting the Netherlands along with these Dutch fans.

Ore at the World Cup final

Even though the Netherlands lost and Ore was beaten by an octopus, he ended his World Cup tour on a massive high with the incredible atmosphere in the stadium.