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Last Updated: Monday July 12 2010 17:53 GMT

Six months since Haiti earthquake

Boy at camp in Haiti

It's six months since a massive earthquake hit the Caribbean country of Haiti, killing up to 230,000 people.

More than a million people are still homeless and living in tents. Many piles of rubble remain unmoved and lots of roads are still blocked.

But there has been some progress. More people have access to clean water and camps now have toilets and showers.

There were worries that diseases would kill lots of people but this hasn't happened.

The National Palace in Haiti
The National Palace remains crumbled

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, which has made rebuilding the country really difficult.

Billions of pounds have been pledged by countries to help Haiti. But much of that has been slow getting to the people who need it.

Lots of kids still can't go to a proper school - some lessons are taking place, but in tents.

One of the many kids affected, Stephanie, said: "I used to go to school but I haven't been back yet. My school collapsed. It worries me - I wanted to stay at school and be something in the future."

In March, an action plan to rebuild Haiti was unveiled by the country's government and international officials at a conference at the UN in New York.