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Last Updated: Tuesday July 13 2010 09:59 GMT

Seagull that 'thinks' it's a cat

Pooh, a seagull, with a cat.

Pooh is no ordinary seagull. Brought up a pet by the Grimwood family he ate cat food, slept in the cat's basket and still lives with them half the year!

Pooh dropped down the chimney of June and Steve Grimwood, landing in their fireplace, and they've cared for the gull ever since.

They fed him cat food and he soon took to sleeping in their basket!

Mrs Grimwood, who's from Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex, said: "I think he does believe that he is actually a cat."

"We heard a rustle in the lounge when we were watching telly and we suddenly thought 'Ooh - what's that?" said Mrs Grimwood.

Pooh, a seagull, with a cat.

"We reached into the chimney and pulled out this young chick. We put him back on the roof, but it was a bit of a windy day and he fell back off."

Grown up

Just as suddenly as he came - one day Pooh got up and flew away. He soon returned to build a nest on the roof with his partner, where he lives for at least six months of the year.

But Pooh hasn't forgotten his old friends the cats. He comes in for meals three times a day with the cats Mitzi, Gus and Henry.

Mrs Grimwood said: "He feeds out of the cat bowls, he comes indoors and takes the cats' biscuits out of their feeder.

"I wouldn't say he's mixed up. He's just very clever. "