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Last Updated: Friday July 09 2010 16:26 GMT

Ricky meets a pal of Paul the octopus

Ricky meets Paul the octopus' pal

We've all heard of Paul the psychic octopus, who's been making waves by accurately predicting the World Cup results.

Paul lives in Germany, but before that he lived at an aquarium in England.

So Ricky went along to meet an eight-legged pal of his, called Winston.

"Paul the octopus is a bit busy at the moment, predicting World Cup results.

Winston the octopus
Winston the octopus

So I went along to the SeaLife Centre in Weymouth to meet an old friend of his called Winston.

Winston is about two or three years old. The staff at the centre told me he's usually shy and hides a lot... However when I went to meet him he was extremely active.


We all wanted to know if Winston shared any of Paul's psychic abilities. So the staff set up an experiment. They prepared two lunch boxes made out of plastic.

Winston approaches the lunch boxes
Winston approaches the lunch boxes

Then they put a tiny bit of fish inside both of them, and lowered them into the tank.

However Winston wasn't amused. He spread his eight legs over each box but couldn't quite open either of them.


We waited patiently for half an hour...

Paul the octopus shows how it's done
Paul the octopus shows how it's done

But nothing happened.

Apparently Winston is a fan of water polo and seahorse riding (ho ho!) but NOT football. Maybe that's why he didn't want to play ball?

I wonder if he's also a tiny bit jealous of his psychic friend Paul?"