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Last Updated: Friday July 09 2010 13:41 GMT

In pics: Dog who ate a bowl of stones


This is Samson the springer spaniel. He looks so sweet and innocent doesn't he?

Samson with his owners

But when he lost his appetite, his devoted owners Cheryl and Courtney, 10, took him to the vets. And guess what they found?!?

Samson with the vet nurse

The cheeky pooch had eaten an incredible 2lbs worth of stones from their garden. That's enough to fill a big bowl.

Samson's x-ray

Poor Samson had to have an operation at the PDSA vet hospital in Edinburgh, where the vets were shocked to find quite so many stones in his stomach. Check out his x-ray!

Samson with the vet nurse

Samson has now made a full recovery. And his owners have now removed all the stones from their garden to make sure it doesn't happen again.