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Last Updated: Friday July 09 2010 06:06 GMT

Englishman makes World Cup final

Referee Howard Webb

England may have done pretty badly in the World Cup, but there's one Englishman who has made it to the final - referee Howard Webb.

He's been picked to be in charge of Sunday's match between Spain and the Netherlands in Johannesburg.

He'll be the first Englishman to referee a World Cup final since 1974.

The 38-year-old from Yorkshire has had a pretty good tournament so far - he's refereed three matches without showing a red card or awarding a penalty.

But players haven't had it all their own way. Howard Webb's handed out, on average, more than five bookings a game - that's the second highest total in the World Cup so far.

Meanwhile, footie bosses have said refereeing at the next World Cup is going to be changed.

There were some pretty dodgy calls during the South Africa World Cup, including England's Frank Lampard goal which was missed by officials during their match against Germany.

So now officials are looking again at bringing in goal-line video technology and extra officials in 2014.