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Last Updated: Thursday July 08 2010 16:16 GMT

Man digs up HUGE coin stash

Some of the Roman coins

A man with a metal detector has found a whopping 52,000 Roman coins buried in a field.

David Crisp was wandering about in the field in Frome, Somerset, when the detector made a "funny" noise.

He had to dig down for 35 cm before he found one tiny bronze coin. Mr Crisp then reported it and archaeologists dug up the site.

They've since found more than 52,000 coins there. This is one of the biggest coin finds in Britain.

Incredibly, all of the coins were found crammed into a single clay pot. The pot is 45 cm wide and they were packed neatly inside.

David Crisp at the site
David Crisp at the site

They date back to the 3rd century.

"I have made many finds over the years, but this is my first major coin hoard," said Mr Crisp, from Wiltshire.

It is hoped that the coins will one day go on show in a local museum, and that Mr Crisp might get a reward for his important find.