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Last Updated: Thursday July 08 2010 14:39 GMT

Dead birds close school's turbine

The turbine

A primary school has been forced to turn off its wind turbine because so many birds were being killed by it.

Fourteen seabirds have got caught up in the turbine's blades in the past six months at Southwell Primary School in Portland, Dorset.

The head teacher Stuart McLeod says he often comes into school early to remove the dead birds to stop the pupils getting upset.

"We were left with no option but to put the brake on the turbine," he said.

But there's a chance that the school might now have to pay back the grant they got to buy it.

The turbine is nine metres high and the blades can spin around at up to 135mph. The makers estimated that one bird a year might be killed - but at this turbine it's been much higher.

Seagulls on the school roof
Seagulls on the school roof

It's thought this is because the school is on a cliff and there are lots of seagulls around.


The wind turbine gave the school around 40 per cent of its energy.

The RSPB animal charity has welcomed the decision, saying that 'green' energy is very important but that the safety of birds has to be considered too.