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Last Updated: Thursday July 08 2010 13:30 GMT

In pictures: Animals chill out in heatwave


A heatwave has struck some parts of the world, but humans aren't the only ones who need to cool down. This panda looks like he's mopping his brow in Washington Zoo.


Slurp slurp... This panda in Shanghai Zoo, China, has a different approach as he tucks into an ice lolly cake. Yum!


Ooh, keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming. More frozen treats keep these elephants cool in Madrid Zoo in Spain


Ahhh lovely. These giraffes get a cold shower in Beijing Zoo, China, where temperatures have reached a sweltering 40 degrees.


There's only one thing for it - a refreshing dip in the pool. Janosch the bear relaxes in the water in Muenster Zoo, Germany. It's above 30 degrees there.


Gerroff! This is MY watermelon. These meerkats nearly come to blows over the chilled fresh fruit in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, USA.


The other monkeys look on jealously as this macaque gets stuck into his ice lolly in Zhengzhou, China.

Brown bear

Oi! Where's my ice lolly?

Brown bear

Ok then, I'll settle for dipping my head in the water and shaking it off. This grizzly brown bear is in Madrid Zoo.


Nely the tiger is just too hot for any of this nonsense. She decides the only solution is a nap. Maybe it'll be cooler when she wakes up?