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Last Updated: Thursday July 08 2010 05:45 GMT

Baby mouse deer born in Britain

Baby mouse deer

A tiny deer has been born at a zoo in Britain, but it's lucky to be alive.

The baby's mum, called Eve, has been really ill. She's had to get lots of treatment from the zoo's vets for a bad tooth and eye.

They are lesser Malay mouse deer, one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world. Even when they're fully grown the adults only grow up to 55cm long!

Sarah Hewitt, from the Paignton Zoo vet team, said: "I think Eve is an amazing animal!"

Mouse deer getting treatment
Eve had to be looked after by vets

Mouse deer live in the forests of south-east Asia and can live for about 12 years.

They've got legs about the width of a pencil!

Everyone at the zoo are leaving the mother and fawn alone for the moment so they can get some peace and quiet.