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Last Updated: Wednesday July 07 2010 15:23 GMT

Flying car takes to the skies

Flying car

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A flying car has been built in America, and the makers have been showing off what it can do.

It's called the Terrafugia Transition, and looks like a normal car until you press a button and wings pop out of its sides.

So if you're stuck in traffic then the car can take to the skies instead, flying at 115 mph.

But if you want to turn up to school in one then you'll have to save up, as each one will cost a whopping £130,000!

This latest model can fly about 500 miles and you can fill it up with fuel at a normal petrol pump. It takes about 30 seconds to extend the wings, but you do need about 500 metres of clear road to take off.

Unfortunately, because of the worldwide money problems, the company behind the flying car have had to stop making them at the moment.

But they hope that the car-planes will be available to buy soon.