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Last Updated: Wednesday July 07 2010 18:42 GMT

In pics: Animals deep under the sea

A basket star

Scientists have just returned from a voyage in the Atlantic Ocean where they've found samples of rare animals and ten possible new species.

New sea creature found

They used the UK's deepest diving machine that goes 3,600 metres below the sea. It spent 300 hours down there!

New sea creature found

This is called a Bathypelagic Ctenophore and it was found stuck to the sea floor because its tentacles are sticky.

Acorn worm

This one is an acorn worm that was found 2,700 metres under the Atlantic Ocean.

New sea creature found

These animals might help us learn more about the missing link in evolution between backboned and invertebrate animals.

New sea creature found

They have no eyes or brain but there's a head end, tail end and indication of a backbone.

New sea creature found

By the end of the expedition three different species were discovered with different pink and purple colours.




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