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Last Updated: Wednesday July 07 2010 10:39 GMT

1,000-year-old poo is big hit

1,000-year-old poo

A 1,000-year-old poo has become a poop-ular attraction after going on show at a museum in Gloucester.

It was found by archaeologists at the bottom of a roadside hole. It's thought the hole was dug in the Saxon times.

There were no public toilets back then, so experts reckon it was left by an Anglo-Saxon who was desperate to go and couldn't get to a loo in time!

David Rice from Gloucester City Museum said finding a poo that has survived for so long is very rare.

1,000-year-old poo

He explained: "It's become mineralised so all the soft bits have become very hard. The soil conditions it was found in were very special."

Scientists have been using the poo to help them work out what people ate in the Saxon times and how healthy they were.


It was discovered back in 1991 by archaeologists digging at a car park, but it wasn't shown to the public until recently.

And if you're worried about whether it's safe to come into contact with the poo, you don't need to worry. Mr Rice added: "Anything nasty in it died years and years ago... it's perfectly safe."