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Last Updated: Wednesday July 07 2010 06:07 GMT

Toad with FIVE legs found!

Five legged toad

A five-legged toad has been discovered at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire.

It was spotted by a woman walking her dogs. She picked it up to move the toad out of danger when she noticed it had FIVE legs.

She said: "It reminded me of The Simpsons when they find the three eyed fish!"

Experts say it's really rare for small animals who are born with deformities to survive into being adults.

"It seemed to be in good health," said Faye Sweeney, who found the toad.

The toad found with five legs in the palm of a hand
The toad's extra leg is next to its front right leg

After taking pictures of the creature she released it back into the undergrowth and then reported it to Froglife, a wildlife charity.

When there are lots of creatures in one area that have mutations, like having five legs, it is often caused by pollution or disease.

But in this case the wildlife experts reckon it's a one-off: "It could simply be a glitch during its development from tadpole to toad."