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Last Updated: Wednesday July 21 2010 12:28 GMT

Is your school in need of repairs?

Press Packer Joe tells us about his crumbling school

What does your school look like? Does it have crumbling walls, hot or cold classrooms or even really disgusting toilets?

Lots of you have emailed us to tell us about your school buildings - and what you think needs fixing - you can read some of your comments below on this page.

If you haven't yet, there's still time to let us know what you think should be fixed at your school.

And if your school has a really big problem get in touch and send us the details using the form on the right hand side.

We can't promise but we might get back in touch with you - and don't forget to send in the number of your parent or guardian.

This page is now closed. Here are some of the comments you sent in.

Your comments

"My school is relatively OK but when it rains heavily it sometimes floods."

Elliott, 10, Doncaster, England

"The toilets are horrible, the windows fall down and doors creak."

Nicole, 10, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Our school is a great school. Someone kicked a hole in the girls toilets and they haven't fixed it yet - and that was last year!! But on the whole it's a great school!"

Anna, 10, Fife, Scotland

"My school is probably the nicest, cleanest, most colourful modern school in Nottinghamshire. In September, we had a massive extension on our school and new equipment and changes on the inside."

Anna, 9, Nottingham, England

"My school is really good, it doesn't need any repairs!"

Lucy, 8, Peterborough, England

"Our school is a 16th Century manor house and it's falling apart!"

Lysh, 14, Monmouthshire, Wales

"The walls and windows are good but in the cloakrooms the ceiling is broken and crumbling."

Sam, 10, Cornwall, England

"My school is the best school ever!! It is in perfect condition apart from the loos."

Nicola, 10, Oxford, England

"My school is the oldest of all, it has a very very old gym and half of the school is just made out of scrap!"

Naveed, 10, Bradford, England

"My school is always crowded in the pathways through the school. To get to each lesson is a disaster, with people pushing and shoving. I think my school should have a real makeover. Some year sevens get scared because it's too claustrophobic."

Jade, 13, Durham, England

"Our school is ancient. It was built after the war, so now most of the stuff is falling apart. There are always wet ceilings and sometimes the corridors are slightly flooded because they are on a slant. The class rooms aren't much better but the toilets are the worst!"

Catherine, 11, Northumberland

"My school has just been re-built and is absolutely amazing and has a state of the art new building."

Lori, 13, Warrington, England

"My school has just got a new building, it's perfect but the rest of the school has scratched paint. On the outside there is a leaking pipe, it needs a bit of refurbishing!"

Amy, 10, Greater Manchester, England

"Our school has been running since the 1930s and looks like it hasn't been touched since then. There's damp everywhere. The school never gets money from the government. The toilets are disgusting and need a modern touch! All the children complain but the teachers act like the school is amazing, which it's not! We need help!"

Katie, 14, Port Talbot, Wales

"It has cracks in the walls and whenever it rains there seems to be another leak! Basically, the whole school's falling apart - please help us, Newsround!"

Sam, 13, Denbighshire, Wales

"Our school is rubbish. It has cracked windows, smells horrid and building work is going on next to us. The floor even vibrates and there are cobwebs everywhere!"

Emily, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"The doors have graffiti, and wires are hanging down from the roof. It leaks too!"

Esmae, 12, Bournemouth, England

"Our school is a mess. In the changing rooms there are big holes in the roof, which could fall through at any time. Most of the school is in a mess."

Amy, 13, Darlington, England

"In our school we had an extension, it is two years old and it has dripping, mould, lots of leaks and water in the lights!"

Mariam, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"Yes! Our school has smashed windows and we have no radiators and air conditioning!"

Bobbie, 7, Manchester, England

"I wouldn't say our school is terrible but some of the older buildings are starting to become cracked. Our PE changing rooms are cold and dirty and there's not much room. The reason we don't have enough room is because the closest high school is being shut, so everyone comes to ours. Why did they put the scheme in place if it was to be scrapped? Gordon shouldn't have put it in place."

Hijab, 13, Cheshire, England

"I think my school could do with a little fixing."

Moesha, 10, London, England

"My school was built quite a while ago and it needs repairs, but we are having a new school built soon."

Stacey, 13, Shropshire, England

"My school is very tidy. I think our school is looked after quite well, we all try to keep it tidy."

Georgia, 7, Somerset, England

"My school is OK actually but my brother's primary school is in such a bad state!"

Poppy, 14, London, England

"My school is in very good condition and it's been around since 1800, but it is a private school so I guess that our parents pay for that kind of things in the fees."

Harriet, 10, Cheshire, England

"It is very off-putting having dirty classrooms and they look different to the newer blocks."

Holly, 14, Derby, England

"My school is OK. We get work done every summer as the old section is from the 1930s!"

Francesca, 13, County Londonderry, N. Ireland

"Our school is lucky as we haven't got much wrong but you can tell it's starting to happen."

Natalie, 13, Cheshire, England

"Our school has been built since 1810 and it's still standing so I don't know how their schools are falling apart!"

Matt, 10, Devon, England

"Once there was a power cut, another time there was a leak coming through the roof while it was raining, and just all stuff like that happening!"

Sophie, 13, London, England

"Our school pipes broke and flooded part of the school last year, and I cut my finger on a piece of glass that was on the floor from a cracked window!"

Emma, 12, East Sussex, England

"My school has a great interior and it has an OK outside. It is not the prettiest school but it is not the worst!"

Sophia, 12, Birmingham, England

"The roof at our school always leaks when it rains."

Sammie-Jo, 11, Paris, France

"Yeah. I'm going to a new school in September. It's the one shown in the video. I only found out on the day of my induction that one of the schools affected is the one I'm going to!"

Aaron, 11, Derby, England

"My school needs lots of repairs. In my art room there are lots of damp, wet patches. In most of our rooms, paint has chipped off and there are also some cracks in the ceilings."

Zoe, 12, London, England

"I don't think there were ever any building plans for my school but it's very dirty and there's vandalism everywhere. Walls are crumbling, the loo doors won't lock and everything is broken. The newer buildings aren't so bad but there's chewing gum everywhere!"

Tilly, 12, Northamptonshire, England

"Our school was going to have the rebuild and we were told in school this morning it isn't going to happen anymore. I was really looking forward to it because our school is getting old! Some of my other friends' high schools have already had the rebuild so this is just unfair!"

Isabel, 12, Luton, England

"I love my current school, it's only five years old and it looks great. I'll be moving up to secondary school in September, but the school I'm moving to is not so nice."

Miri, 11, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"Our school huts are freezing in the winter, they have lots of dents and damp patches all over the walls, and the school smells really bad. There are also lots of cracks in the walls."

Beth, 9, Falkirk, Scotland

"My school is private and they have just finished a £6.1 million project to build new classrooms and a big hall!"

Sean, 12, London, England

"My school has just been rebuilt. We are moving into the new school in two days, having had a week off while the teachers moved all the things from the old school into the new one."

Kate, 13, Manchester, England

"Our school is old, it has ants in the music rooms, the school toilets take forever to refill and most stuff breaks!"

Sophie, 14, Bradford, England

"Our girls' toilets are disgusting as the toilets are really old and the walls have cracks in them. It's like that in our corridors and classrooms."

Lucy, 13, Nottingham, England

"Our school is pretty good, but the toilets are gross and there is some graffiti around the school. It annoys me that they are scrapping the scheme because some schools NEED it! I think there should be an official petition to get it back. After all, kids are the future! Give us the facilities we need!!"

Abi, 12, England

"We were all hoping for a new school and are disappointed that are school is staying the same. My school is a total wreck and needs to be knocked down and built again. I find it hard to learn."

Jasmine, 13, Normanton, England

"My school is desperate for repairs. The teachers said we would have a new school in three years but I guess we're not anymore. It's hard to learn when your walls are like cardboard and the ceiling is falling on you!"

Amber, 14, Suffolk, England

"Our school is falling apart! There is serious damp on the science block roof. The heating doesn't work in 90% of the classrooms during the winter and the walls are practically made of cardboard - to such an extreme that when people are angry they can punch through walls."

Samuel, 13, Neath Port Talbot, Wales

"My school is joining another one in September and we are supposed to be moving to a brand new building in 2012 but, because of this, that isn't going to happen. Because our move to the other school is already planned, we are moving there for no point. My school should stay open, all of this is a waste of time."

Chloe, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"No, my school is only three years old!"

Richard, 11, Kent, England

"My school is being rebuilt as we speak but the building we are in at the moment is so bad. We have all seen rats and sewage. It's very selfish of the government to suddenly stop giving money to other schools when millions of pounds are going into useless departments."

Bethan, 13, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

"Today we got told our school was not getting any money. We were upset as we really need a new sports hall."

Imogen, 13, County Durham, England

"My school is not too bad, it's mostly the toilets. The locks are always broken, they always smell and there's not always toilet roll."

Abi, 13, England

"Our school had high hopes for the money and the building plans looked amazing. Our school isn't falling apart but it could do with the money. Not very happy!"

Louisa, 13, Cheshire, England

"My old primary school got flooded at the start of the year and it's still not done!"

Catherine, 13, County Kerry, Ireland

"My old school in the UK was really tatty. They spent money on toys for the younger classes when they should've used that money for repairs. They refurbished the boys' toilets and said they'd do the girls' one soon after. Two years later the girls' toilets are still broken with rusty locks and cracked walls."

Bethany, 13, Côtes-d'Armor, France

"No! My school got built last year!"

Noor, 12, London, England

"My school has been granted £21 million to refurbish. It really needs it. There's dirt everywhere and chewing gum under every desk and on every chair. The boiler breaks down a lot, causing the school to have no heating. There's a LOT more problems, but I can't be bothered to list them."

Kris, 13, Scotland

"My school really needs some new stuff. They just got £12 million and haven't got anything but a smelly television in the canteen. They were supposed to be getting new computers but they still haven't."

Jessica, 14, Newcastle, England