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Last Updated: Monday July 05 2010 13:49 GMT

Doctors tell Cheryl Cole to rest

Cheryl Cole

Doctors have told Cheryl Cole to stop working so hard and take time off.

Cheryl's said to be shattered after juggling filming X Factor auditions with touring with the Black Eyed Peas and finishing her new album.

Her spokesman said Cheryl's cancelled all her jobs for a week so she can rest but wouldn't comment on reports that she fainted during a recent photoshoot.

It's not clear how much filming, if any, Cheryl will now miss for the new series of the X Factor.

Filming for the audition stages of the TV talent show started last month.

It's been a pretty busy and eventful year so far for Cheryl.

As well as touring as a solo act for the first time, she's also been dealing with the split from her husband, England footballer, Ashley Cole.