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Last Updated: Wednesday July 14 2010 04:43 GMT

In pics: Water voles back in the wild

Baby water vole

When people talk about endangered animals you might not have thought about this little guy...

Baby water vole

There used to be loads of water voles, like this mega cute baby one, all across the UK. But over the past 20 years they've been disappearing.

Baby water vole

A project in Wales has been trying to stop this. They've made a safe place for the water voles to be born and look after them until they are big enough to be released into the wild.

Jack and his Grandfather releasing the voles into the wild

Press Packer Jack and his grandad have been helping to look after the water voles and get the lucky task of letting them go out into the countryside!

Water vole being released

It might look a bit odd to hold them by their tails but it doesn't hurt them at all.

Water vole being released

Water voles are good swimmers and love to be back out in the wild and in the water!