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Last Updated: Friday July 02 2010 12:38 GMT

Missing cat found after 3 years!

Fudge is back home three years after he went missing

An adventurous cat that went missing THREE YEARS ago has been found - almost 160 miles away from his home!

Fudge disappeared from his home in Oxfordshire during the big floods of 2007. His owner Steve spent days looking for him and feared the worst.

But last month Steve got a phone call from an animal rescue centre in Manchester - they'd found Fudge and traced his address via his microchip.

So Steve made the journey to collect Fudge and bring him home.

No-one really knows how Fudge travelled such a long distance, or how he survived three cold winters on his own.

Fudge is now safely back where he belongs, although his owner Steve said: "Who knows where he'll go next?"