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Last Updated: Thursday July 01 2010 14:22 GMT

Maggots fall on plane passengers!


Passengers on a US Airways flight are recovering after a load of maggots fell on them.

They were in a container of meat that had gone off, and was being stored in an overhead locker above the seats where passengers were sitting.

Travellers said they noticed flies to start with, and then maggots falling from the lockers.

The plane had to turn round as people refused to sit in their seats because of all the bugs.

It turns out that one of the passengers had brought the meat on board and didn't realise it had gone off.

One of the people on board said: "Bugs just began to fall out of the overhead compartment and they tried to get us to sit there, but it was evident they were right behind us in our seat."

The plane went back and got cleaned up before setting off again.