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Last Updated: Wednesday June 30 2010 13:58 GMT

In pics: Hurricane Alex stops oil clean-up

Hurricane Alex

Hurricane Alex is the first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic, and it's causing huge problems.

Hurricane Alex

The hurricane is causing powerful winds and making waves nearly 4m high.

Hurricane Alex

It's making it even harder to stop the massive leak of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and the hurricane has already stopped the clean-up mission.

Bird covered in oil

This dam is supposed to be used to stop the flow of oil spreading. Millions of gallons of oil have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since April.

Oil spill

The hurricane has pushed more oil towards the Florida and Alabama coasts.

Oily waves

The ships that are trying to clean the oil from the surface of the ocean have been told to stay in the port while Hurricane Alex strikes.

Turtle covered in oil

Wildlife experts are preparing to collect tens of thousands of endangered sea turtle eggs and move them miles away to protect them from the oil.

Turtle being looked after

Lots of turtles need to be looked after by animal specialists after the oil spill.