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Last Updated: Wednesday June 30 2010 10:33 GMT

Oil clean-up delayed by hurricane

Oil spill off the coast of America

The mission to clean up the massive oil spill off the coast of America is being delayed because of a hurricane in the area.

Strong winds are making waves more than three metres high, which have stopped ships being able to scoop up the oil.

The pipe underwater has been leaking since April. It could be days before efforts to stop it can carry on.

Fortunately the most powerful part of the hurricane looks set to miss the area of sea affected by the oil.

The spill is causing big problems for the people and wildlife living there.

There was some good news over the weekend, when more than 70 brown pelicans who were rescued from the oil were released back into the wild.

Hurricane Alex is the first of the hurricane season, which lasts from June until the end of November.