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Last Updated: Monday July 12 2010 11:09 GMT

Ore's World Cup diary: Part 5

Ore's world Cup 2010

Ore's update

I'm back out in South Africa, taking Newsround to the centre of the World Cup action. I'm sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

Ore's update

MONDAY 12PM: Now the World Cup is finally over, I asked some local kids why they reckon the tournament has been a good thing for South Africa.

South African kids on the World Cup

Ore's update

MONDAY 11AM: Paul the octopus did it again.

"Yes, Spain won the World Cup final. After predicting the Netherlands would win, I was pretty gutted to be beaten by an octopus.

But the unbelievable thrill of being at a WORLD CUP FINAL was so incredible I couldn't complain!!"


Ore's update


"Getting REALLY EXCITED now.... just a few hours to go until the World Cup final!!

The Netherlands team bus

I'm supporting the Netherlands and last night we saw the team leave their hotel to go to their final training session before the big game.

Whatever happens, we'll have a new champ. Neither the Netherlands nor Spain have won the competition before."

Ore's update

SATURDAY 11PM: Germany come third and I come face-to-face with a giraffe!

"The Newsround team took time out from football this morning to go to a lion park!

Ore and a lion

I met some amazing animals- meerkats, cheetahs as well as lions. Far scarier than the lions though was a massive ostrich! (as you may know I have a real fear of birds!!)

Best of all was this friendly giraffe.

A giraffe

Then we headed back to watch the third place play-off match. It was an absolute BELTER!

Congratulations to Germany on their 3-2 win against Uruguay!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 4.30PM: Just arrived in Newtown from Johannesburg to appear LIVE on Newsround!

"So far I've had a pretty darn good time - below are some pics of me and the various things I've been up to...

Here's me eating Biltong - it's this special meat they eat out here in SA. Apparently it's really healthy...

Ore eating Biltong

And look how EXCITED I look, standing at Soccer City stadium where the FINAL WILL BE!!!

Ore at the stadium

Ore with dog

I've made loads of friends out here in SA too. I've met tons of players, pundits, fans, locals, kids...

I even made best buddies with the dog that lives in one of the hotels I stayed in.

How could you resist that cute face?!?!?

And.... best of all... I got to touch the World Cup final pitch just days before the final! I didn't get away scot free for that trick though..."

Touching the World Cup pitch

Ore's update

FRIDAY 10.30AM: I've been back in South Africa for a few days now.

"Everyone's getting geared up for the World Cup final on Sunday.

Ore with Netherlands shirt
Me in the Netherlands shirt!

As you know I predicted the Netherlands would win the whole competition right from the start.

And I've been carrying around my orange shirt to show my support for the team!

And it's not just Netherlands fans I've been meeting.

Ore with Spanish fans
Hanging with Spanish fans

I spent some time hanging with Spanish fans before their semi-final match against Germany in Durban.

I guess if you REALLY want to know who's going to win the World Cup it's not me you should be asking...

It's that Paul the octopus in Germany, and apparently he's predicted Spain!!"

Ore's update

THURSDAY 11AM: Back in Johannesburg!

I'm still absolutely gutted that the German octopus got last night's result right and I didn't!

Beaten at football by an octopus? Great..."

Ore's update

THURSDAY 7AM: Woken up and about to leave Durban now.

"Would love to have stayed longer... apparently there's a world surfing championship happening on the beach!"

Ore's update

WEDNESDAY 11AM: Just arrived in Durban for the Germany v Spain game.

"Some kids were doing African dancing outside the airport.

They were amazing - it was more like a gymnastics routine!"

Ore's update

TUESDAY 10AM: I've arrived back in Johannesburg for part two of our South African World Cup journey.

"The World Cup's still all the talk on the radio over here, even though bafana bafana are out.

All eyes are on the Netherlands v Uruguay tonight.

I'm so tired from the flight but so excited to be back."

Uruguay training
The Uruguay team training ahead of their semi-final match against the Netherlands

Ore's update

MONDAY 5.30PM: Just met four-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams at Heathrow airport!

"A real living tennis legend!

Serena Williams

She couldn't stop for a photo, but maybe she's South Africa bound too and wants to be there for the climax of the world cup?

Or maybe she's heading home for a well deserved rest!"

Ore's update

MONDAY 2PM: The flight to South Africa is five hours away and I still haven't finished packing!

"Got my essentials though - mascot, clipboard and Dutch football shirt.

Keep an eye out for it, I'll be showing my support for the Netherlands over the next few days!"

Ore luggage

Ore's update

SUNDAY 11AM: Two days, four quarter finals, and some amazing results!

"I'm sure lots of people like me are really gutted to see Africa's last team Ghana go out on Friday night. But they did themselves proud. I can't believe Argentina and Brazil are out too. And now it looks like there could be an all-European final if the Dutch can beat Uruguay.

Spain, Uruguay, Germany and Holland

My bags are packed because team NR are heading back out to South Africa for the semi-finals and final. I'll say 'hi' as soon as we arrive!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 3PM: A whole two days without World Cup action has been pretty painful, so I couldn't be happier that it's back!

"I'm going to be glued to the TV today… with at least one of my two eyes on Mr Murray at Wimbledon!"

Andy Murray

Ore's update

THURSDAY 4PM: While the World Cup's on a break, it's Wimbledon I've been watching...

"And seeing as England did so poorly, at least we've still got a Brit in the tennis.

Come on Muzza!!"

Andy Murray

WEDNESDAY 10AM: What a goal from David Villa in the Spain v Portugal match!

"It was always going to be a tense one..."

David Villa scores for Spain

Ore's update

MONDAY 10AM: Absolutely devastated that England crashed out of the World Cup.

"It feels like the last two years since qualifying have been a big waste of time.

A really dreadful campaign."