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Last Updated: Monday July 19 2010 06:42 GMT

Album: Glee Showstoppers

The cast of Glee

The style

Glee Showstoppers is the fourth album from the first series and gives you exactly what it promises - loads and loads of showstopping tunes.

It's an album of theatrical songs to belt out at top volume, along with some classic pop covers you'll either love or hate - there's no in between with Glee!

One big bonus is that there's plenty of choice on offer, so you're bound to find something to warble along to, whatever mood you're in!

The hits

The album showcases loads of different characters singing the leads so it sounds really fresh all the way through.

Physical, sung by Sue Sylvester and featuring Olivia Newton-John, is genius and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Especially if you saw the episode the track featured in.

Bad Romance is a great group performance from the Glee-sters and as the final track on the album definitely leaves you wanting more.

Other highlights include, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Poker Face, Beth and Lady Is A Tramp, which is bound to get you on your feet.

The misses

If there was one song we could bin it would have to be April's version of Home. It just doesn't sound as good as the others.

Will you still be humming it next week?

There's pretty much something for everyone here, and there'll be at least a couple of tracks you find yourselves going back to again and again.

Will it make the charts?

Without a doubt! This is the best of the Glee albums so far.

It's a perfect mix of tracks to get you up and dancing, and power ballads to sing your heart out to. Love it!

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Your Comments

"This is a very good album. We know all the lyrics to all the songs. Great album for catchy tunes and upbeat feel. Nice one!"

Maddy & Kitty, 11 & 7, London, England

"One of the best albums ever! I listen to it all the time!"

Ethan-Ray, 8, UK

"I just have one thing to say. Rubbish, rubbish rubbish."

Jessica, 14, Newcastle, England

"I am a big fan of Glee and the album is great!"

Susie, 12, London, England

"I love Glee and this soundtrack is awesome. I got it for my birthday the other week and I can't stop listening to it."

Rachel, 11, Birmingham, England

"I love it. It is really good and the show is amazing!!"

Kat, 14, York, England

"I love Glee. The album is just amazing."

Rachel, 12, N. Ireland

"I love Glee! I have all the albums and they really get me in the right mood for the day! Definitely the best album so far!"

Annie, 12, Liverpool, England

"This is glee-tastic! Why only four stars?!"

Chloe, 10, Cornwall, England

"I think that Glee is AMAZING and that they should consider doing a movie!"

Molly-Anne, 13, Surrey, England

"The Glee album is amazing, can't wait for the next one!"

Natasha, 13, Liverpool, England

"I really liked the front cover and the music."

Aby, 8, London, England

"I love Glee and I think that this is amazing!"

Sian, 12, Basingstoke, England

"I think it is really good. Rachel has a good voice."

Nicola, 9, Buckinghamshire, England

"I love the album!! It's fabulous!"

Jessie, 10, Jersey, UK

"It's a cool album."

Morgan, 11, Jersey

"This is an amazing album! I love all of the other Glee albums but I love this one too! I really recommend this album as it will make you get up and dance!"

Maisie, 13, Bedfordshire, England

"Best album ever, so why did you only give it four stars?"

Caitlin, 12, West Lothian, Scotland

"It's fantastic."

Hannah, 10, Caerphilly, Wales

"WOW, what a fabulous album!"

Becky, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"Why only four stars Newsround?! FAB."

Zara, 13, London, England

"Glee Showstoppers is no doubt the best Glee album yet with some classic hits."

Patrick, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think that the songs all are totally awesome."

Georgia, 11, New Zealand