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Last Updated: Friday June 25 2010 16:04 GMT

In pics: Fans remember the King of Pop

Michael Jackson

It's been a year since Michael Jackson died suddenly on 25 June 2009- but fans haven't forgotten the King of Pop and have found some unusual ways to remember him!

RDancers in Tokyo

Fans in Tokyo in Japan have been dancing in the street and strutting their stuff like the man himself.

RMunich memorial

People in Munich in Germany made a special memorial to the star made of pictures, poems and candles.

Robert Pattinson

We know those faces - it's dance group Diversity! They're at a special plaque that's been unveiled at the Lyric theatre in London, to remember MJ.

Sand sculpture of Michael Jackson

This sand sculptor in India has found an original way of remembering Michael Jackson - let's hope his work doesn't wash away when the tide comes in!

Michael Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame

Lots of people gathered on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood to take pictures of Michael Jackson's star.

Children in Jammu, India

Kids in India had a few moments of quiet time to think about Michael Jackson.