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Last Updated: Thursday June 24 2010 16:40 GMT

In pics: Wimbledon records broken


John Isner and Nicolas Mahut tore up the record books with their EPIC first-round contest. It was the longest match in tennis history at 11 hours and 5 minutes in full.

Isner winning

The match stopped at 59-59 in the last set on Tuesday because of bad light and continued on Wednesday, until Isner won 70-68.

Isner and Mahut

It was the longest match, with the longest set, the most number of games in a set AND the most number of games in a match (183 if you're interested) EVER!


The record for the most aces in a match had been 78, but Isner and Mahut have smashed it, both scoring over 100 each.


And though it's not an official record, the umpire of the match managed seven hours without a toilet break!

Novak Djokovic

There have been other Wimbledon 2010 record-breakers too. Novak Djokovic's first-round match was the latest ever finish...

Taylor Dent

...and Taylor Dent's 148 miles per hour serve against Djokovic was the fastest ever recorded at Wimbledon.