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Last Updated: Wednesday June 23 2010 16:18 GMT

In pics: Twilight fans camp out for Eclipse premiere

Eclipse premiere - fans camp out

Hundreds of Twilight fans have created a huge camp site outside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, USA, as they wait for Thursday night's premiere of Eclipse.

Eclipse premiere - fans Gabby and Desiree

"Twihard" fans Gabby and Desiree are hoping to get close to stars Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - in the flesh, as well as via their sleeping bags!

Eclipse premiere - fan with Team Edward sign

No prizes for guessing who this fan is waiting to see!

Eclipse premiere - Robert Pattinson cutout

Everyone, R-Patz is here!! Oh no, it's just a cardboard cut-out.

Eclipse premiere - fans camp out

Theatre officials have issued a list of camping rules! Everyone who's turned up has to wear a wristband until the premiere is over.

Eclipse premiere - Rachel, 13, and her parents

Rachel and her parents travelled from the other side of America to be here for the premiere!

Eclipse premiere - fan Katherine watches movie trailer

Twilight fan Katherine watches the Eclipse trailer on a big screen. For UK fans, there's not too long to wait - the movie hits British cinemas on 9 July.