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Last Updated: Wednesday June 23 2010 06:21 GMT

Doctor Who finale is 'best yet'

The Doctor meets a Dalek in epsiode 13

Fans of Doctor Who are in for a treat as the show's boss has insisted that the finale of series five is the best episode he has ever written.

Steven Moffat said the episode, called The Big Bang, is his favourite since Doctor Who came back on TV in 2005.

Last Saturday's show ended with the Doctor trapped in a prison by his enemies. Amy has just been killed and the Tardis has exploded.

Steven promised fans they wouldn't be disappointed with the show's ending.

"I think any other hero would be in a pickle but I think The Doctor can take it," he said.

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat
Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat

"I really do think episode 13, the episode we'll see on Saturday, is a story only Doctor Who can do - no other show could have come close to a story like this. That's what is exciting about it."


Steven said the central theme of series five - the cracks in Amy's bedroom - came to him after a similar crack appeared on his son's bedroom wall.

"I just looked at it as I went to bed one night and I thought: 'Ooh, that's good. That's quite scary.'

"I went away and I thought: 'What could the cracks be?' And that's where that plot line came from."

Steven added that being the boss of Doctor Who was incredibly pressurised, but that he was "absolutely thrilled" with how successful it had been.