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Last Updated: Tuesday June 22 2010 16:35 GMT

Rhino flies in to new home

Manyara the rhino

A massive crane has helped haul a black rhino called Manyara into his new home at Paignton Zoo.

It took two and a half hours for a big crew of animal transport experts to lift the seven-year-old, over and into the Zoo's rhino house.

Manyara weighs a whopping 1.1 tonne - which is more than 30 average-sized ten-year-olds put together!

He was born in a zoo in Kent and he's been moved to Paignton in Devon to live with a female rhino called Sita.

Black rhinos like being on their own and they don't care much for company, except for mothers with young.

The crane used to lift Manyara to his new home

So Sita and Manyara will live in separate parts of the rhino complex.

All five species of rhino are endangered.

Black rhinos lost 96% of their population during the 1970s and 80s.

Paignton Zoo reckon there are only 4,000 black rhinos left.