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Last Updated: Tuesday June 22 2010 06:51 GMT

In pics: Leah at Wimbledon

Leah at Wimbledon

The sun might not be shining but it looks like Leah's having a good time on day one of the Wimbledon tournament.

Leah at Wimbledon

It looks like she's got an amazing view of all the action!

Crowds at Wimbledon

Lots of people have already found a spot on the lawn to try and catch a glimpse of the famous tennis players.

Leah at Wimbledon

It's good to see Leah was actually doing some work! Here she is getting ready to broadcast live for Newsround.

Leah at Wimbledon

And of course it's important to keep track of the scores during the day.

Leah at Wimbledon

Leah takes time off from the tennis to find out about the history of the tournament - and she's still smiling!

Wimbledon day one - Andy Murray

Here she is with a statue of Fred Perry - he was the last British man to win the Wimbledon singles tournament, way back in 1936!

Leah at Wimbledon

And this is what it's all about: watching some brilliant tennis!