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Last Updated: Monday June 21 2010 13:26 GMT

Exotic animals living in UK


If you thought cows, sheep and caterpillars were the most exciting creatures living in the UK countryside, then think again.

Scorpions, aardvarks and snapping turtles have all been found living wild in the UK.

According to a new report, south-east England is a hot spot for exotic creatures; with around 30,000 green parakeets living there.

The report found 13,000 yellow-tailed scorpions also lived in the same area.

The scorpions are thought to have arrived in the UK on ships more than 100 years ago.

Yellow tailed scorpions
Yellow tailed scorpions live in South East England

The Eden Wildlife Report also found there are around 10 Brazilian aardvarks living in Cumbria.

Snapping turtles have also been living in the UK since 1993, and are now found in Kent, London, the West Midlands and West Yorkshire.

The report also found that there are wild boar, wallabies and wildcats living in the UK.