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Last Updated: Saturday June 19 2010 11:55 GMT

Fans disappointed by England draw

England player Wayne Rooney shows his annoyance at booing fans.

England fans are waking up disappointed after the Group C World Cup match against Algeria ended in a 0-0 draw.

Despite changes to the squad by boss Fabio Capello, it was a very average England that came out to play.

Fans were so upset they booed the squad off the pitch. One fan even broke into the players' dressing room and confronted the team.

England now have to win their next match - against Slovenia on Wednesday - otherwise they're out.

As expected, England manager Fabio Capello dropped goal keeper Robert Green from the squad after he let an easy goal in during the opening match against the USA.

He was replaced by David James.


There were a few attempts at scoring - the best from Frank Lampard. But in the end Algeria proved to be a tougher opposition for England than expected..

Lots of footie experts think England should have won the game easily - many think the game was dull and that the squad played badly.

After the match, even Fabio Capello said they weren't the team he recognised from training - or their successful qualifying campaign.


Wayne Rooney has been criticised after lashing out on camera to booing fans, saying: "Nice to hear home fans booing you, that's what you call loyal supporters."

Security alert

One fan was so upset by the team's performance - he somehow got into the team dressing room to confront the players.

He was quickly removed from the ground and the Football Association have complained to FIFA about the lack of security.

So far, England have only got two points and have to win their next game against Slovenia, on 23 June, if they want to make it through to the knock-out stage of the competition.