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Last Updated: Friday June 25 2010 15:47 GMT

Ore's World Cup diary: Part 4

Ore's world Cup 2010

Ore's update

I've been out in South Africa, taking Newsround to the centre of the World Cup action. I've sent messages and film clips as I went along - and you'll find them here.

"Now I've flown home to the UK to soak up the atmosphere on home turf, but I'll be back out in South Africa before the semi-finals kick off!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 4PM: In honour of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Sonali and I have choreographed our own tribute... Moonwalk included, obviously!

Ore and Sonali's MJ tribute dance

Ore's update

FRIDAY 2.15PM: Portugal are about to play Brazil to decide who will top group G.

"I'm looking forward to this one because it's between two of the best teams in the world.

And because I still love watching Cristiano Ronaldo play even though he's not at Man Utd anymore... and he whinges a lot… and he knocked England out of the last World Cup...

Apart from all of that, he's brilliant!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 12PM:I've heard that England are playing in their all-red strip against Germany on Sunday.

"I'm not superstitious, but that's got to be a good thing, right?

And the best team in the land, Manchester United, play in red too so hopefully it'll help Wayne Rooney remember how to score a goal!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 10.30AM: - I feel for Ricky today - he was gunning for Italy to win the World Cup, but unfortunately for him the holders are OUT!

"So the only Italian left in the competition now is Fabio Capello...

Ric, you'd better be supporting England now!

This World Cup is becoming so unpredictable…"

Ore's update


"What a relief. Especially after all that panic before the game...

At one stage it looked like they might just throw it away.

Ore watching the match
It's more Where's Ore? than Where's Wally?!

But when Jermain Defoe scored, there was uproar at the school hall I was watching it in.

The next match will definitely be a tense one, whoever we play!

Bring it on!"

Ore's update

WEDNESDAY 2.30PM: It's half an hour until kick off!

"I've been getting so nervous about this match, but I thought I ought to think about where the best place to watch it is.

So I've come along to a school nearby to see how the kids react to the match!


I've taken up my position in this school hall for the game - nervous but ready.

By 3pm this place will be packed full of kids wearing red and white and ready to cheer for England."

Ore's update

WEDNESDAY 10.30AM: Very very nervous this morning about today's match.

"Last time I felt like this was the day of the X Factor final! I can't do anything about the result, but I'll be glued to the TV…

I probably won't even go to the loo if I need it!

I asked Ricky and Sonali what they felt about the match today..."

Newsround presenters on the England match...!

Ore's update

TUESDAY 4PM: Now Andy Murray's playing at Wimbledon.

"This is like heaven - too much sport to watch! Hopefully he won't make his 1st round match as hard work as Roger Federer yesterday."

Roger Federer

Ore's update

TUESDAY 3PM: It's all about channel-hopping! Which channel should I watch?!?!

"Uruguay v Mexico is on at the same time and South Africa need Mexico or Uruguay to win if they want to reach the knockout stages."


Ore's update

TUESDAY 2.30PM: Gearing up to watch South Africa v France (KO at 3pm).

"The France team are all over the place at the moment and I really want South Africa to go through."

Ore's update

TUESDAY 9AM: Right guys, I'm back in the UK and hard at work in the office...

"But don't worry, I haven't forgotten that the World Cup isn't over yet.

I flew back over to soak up the atmosphere with fans here. (Plus the weather's better here would you believe it...)

I'll be back out in South Africa by the time the semi-finals kick off.

Being a Newsround reporter's a difficult job but someone's got to do it!"


Ore's update

FRIDAY 5PM: The Algeria fans are gearing up for the game tonight in front of Green Point stadium. They're definitely up for this one!

Algerian football fans

Ore's update

FRIDAY 2PM: Watching the Germany v Serbia match in the Green Point media centre.

"Producer John is working hard on sending stuff back to London, but looks pretty happy that Germany are losing!"

Producer John

Ore's update

FRIDAY 12.30AM: What an amazing day so far! I've just interviewed Alan Shearer and he reckons England can go all the way!

"I was given a tour around the Match of the Day studio.

Ore talks tactics to Alan Shearer

They've got a revolving set and they can see Table Mountain AND Green Point stadium behind them.

Interviewing Alan Shearer was incredible, and he reckons England can go all the way.

After all the excitement it's time for a spot of lunch! England and Algeria to come this evening...

Ore in the MOTD studio

That's me in the MOTD studio!"

Ore's update

FRIDAY 9AM: Woke up this morning at 9am, when we were supposed to leave, instead of at 8am - I'd left the alarm on English time! So no breakfast for me. I'm very hungry.

"Now we're going to the Match of the Day studio next to Green Point Stadium. Hopefully we're going to get a chat with Gary Lineker or Alan Shearer... or both!!"

Ore's update

THURSDAY 6PM: I've just been watching the England team train at Green Point stadium in Cape Town before their Algeria match tomorrow.

"The stadium looks like it's made of tissue paper!"

England team at training

Chad von Cheesburger

THURSDAY 5PM: Well hello there boys and girls, it's your American buddy Chad von Cheeseburger here!!

"Ore's disappeared off to polish his vuvuzela so I thought I'd dip into his diary and let you know how I'm doing.

Well, it's going good guys.

Chad meets Gabby Logan

I had a little chat with some of your TEAM ENGERLAND players, oh yes I did. Wazza Rooney, John Tezza, even your soccer hero Beckham!

My, what an afternoon.

And you know what? I had a 'wee chat' as you Brits like to say with sports reporter Gabby Logan.

Over and out guys! Ciao! Laters!"

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