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Last Updated: Friday June 18 2010 10:35 GMT

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith: 'I'm a complete geek'

Matt Smith as the Doctor

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith has revealed he's a "complete geek" who watches the show every week.

Matt was answering questions from BBC Radio One listeners when he admitted: "Yes I do watch the show as it goes out. I'm a complete geek.

"Or just terribly vain. I've become a real fan. Am I allowed to say that? I mean, I'm in it."

Matt also said that he and co-star Karen Gillan didn't fancy each other in real life.

"Let me tell you, Karen has harboured a huge crush on me for the last nine months, I've been fending her off," he joked.

"No, that's just acting. We get on, we have a laugh me and Kaz."

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith have a laugh on set
Karen Gillan and Matt Smith have a laugh on set

Matt said he was grateful that he and Karen - who plays his assistant Amy Pond - got on so well, because their relationship was so important in the show.

The Doctor Who star said he loved playing the character because it was "challenging and rewarding".

He admitted he had just had a costume fitting for his outfit for next year, but refused to reveal any details.


And it seems it's not just the fans who are kept in the dark about how series five will end. It seems the stars of Doctor Who were kept guessing for a while too.

Matt said they were given a bit of an idea, but they often found out the details on a "script by script basis". "They are very secretive about it, even with us," he revealed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Matt said his favourite aliens were the Weeping Angels and the vampires.