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Last Updated: Wednesday June 30 2010 12:06 GMT

In Pictures: Kids' views on alcohol: Survey results

Man drinking

A survey was carried out for Newsround to tie in with our special programme called Living With Alcohol.


We asked 1,234 kids between the ages of 10-14 what they thought about alcohol, and how it affects them. Here are some of the main findings from that survey:

People's feet outside a bar

Almost three-quarters (72%) of children who were interviewed said their parents drink alcohol.

Men drinking

And half of all children interviewed said they thought they had seen their parents drunk.

Man drinking

Eight in 10 children who had seen adults drinking said they noticed a change in the way they behaved.


Of those, almost a quarter said it made adults act stupid or silly. A fifth said they became angry and aggressive.

Man drinking

Almost a fifth (19%) said their parents acted strange or different. 18% said they became loud and swore. And 17% said they became dizzy or fell over.


When given a list of words to describe how they felt when they saw adults drinking, almost half of children said they weren't bothered. But three in 10 said they felt scared

Man carrying drinks

Most children (64%) thought between three and six glasses of alcohol was too much to drink.

Man drinking

Around 60% of kids said they thought they would drink alcohol when they were older.


A fifth of children said they'd drink when they were older because it was fun and they wanted to be sociable. Or because they just liked the taste.

Policeman doing a breath test

Of those who said they wouldn't drink when they were older, the main reason was because it's bad for your health. And 9% said they didn't want to get drunk.