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Last Updated: Tuesday June 29 2010 09:01 GMT

Alcohol and young people

Children sitting at a table

Even though you are legally allowed to drink alcohol before you are 18 - as long as you are with a parent or guardian - it's not recommended.

In December 2009, the British Government published advice on children and drinking for the first time. They recommended that children under 15 shouldn't drink at all, and that 15-17-year-olds should only drink if they are with a parent or guardian.

The guidelines also said parents should realise that their drinking can have an effect on their children.

So drinking when you're young isn't recommended by health experts.

However, some surveys show that more than eight out of 10 young people have tried alcohol by the time they are 15.

And around 5,000 teenagers a year have to go to hospital because they've drunk too much.