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Last Updated: Thursday June 17 2010 06:05 GMT

Prince William plays the vuvuzela

Watch the Prince play a vuvuzela

Prince William has been taught how to blow a vuvuzela, during his trip around Africa.

The plastic horns have become the sound of the South African World Cup, with crowds playing them in every match.

But the Prince may need a few more lessons before he watches England play Algeria on Friday as he struggled to get a note out of the horn!

But his 11-year-old teacher blew the horn so loud that William had to put his finger in his ear.

When he was given the vuvuzela, the Prince said: "I can't blow it. OK, I will give it a go."

He hardly managed to make a sound, and added: "There you go - embarrassed myself again!"

William and his brother Prince Harry are visiting African charities on their visit, before catching some World Cup football in South Africa.