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Last Updated: Friday June 18 2010 12:16 GMT

We're ball boys at Wimbledon!

Wimbledon ballboys

Twins Adrian and Thomas work as ball boys at Wimbledon each year.

The 15-year-olds get to run around the tennis courts and throw balls to top players.

But they have to keep a straight face at all times - no cheering for their fave players here!

We've asked them some questions to find out what it takes to be a ball boy or girl at Wimbledon.

How did you feel when you first found out you were going to be ball boys at Wimbledon?

Adrian: It's my pleasure to take part in a worldwide tennis event and I couldn't believe it when I first stepped on court during the tournament!

Thomas: I was honoured that I'd been chosen to represent the country in the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

How did you get picked?

Wimbledon ballboys
Thomas and Adrian at work on court

Thomas and Adrian:

We were chosen in the first lot of school training sessions. Then we trained every week from January right up until now, being assessed throughout.

We watched as our friends were told that they wouldn't be able to take part in the ball boy training anymore. Then the week before training we were given our first opportunity to practice a normal game on the well-known Wimbledon grass.

What sort of training do you have to do?

Thomas and Adrian: The training is really high discipline and we have fitness drills as well as ball skills. We also take part in set pieces, like the ball change, tie-breaks, suspended play, warm-up and the end of a match and basic game play.

What are some of the rules ball boys have to stick to?

Thomas and Adrian: NO communication towards any players unless they talk to you first. No chewing gum, no talking on court, shirts have to be tucked in and you have to wear the right uniform and behave in the right way at all times.

What are you most looking forward to at Wimbledon?

Adrian: The food and the atmosphere of the tournament!

Thomas: The chance to be feet away from some of the greatest sports people in the world at the moment or, in Roger Federer's case, in history.

Is there anything you're not looking forward to?

Adrian: Not that I can think of.

Thomas: The long days, but then I think that's cancelled out by the experience and the enjoyment during the tournament.

Are you nervous of anything going wrong?

Adrian: Getting the balls at the wrong end!

Thomas: No, because the months leading up to the tournament prepare us so much that we do the right thing almost subconsciously.

Who are your fave tennis players?

Adrian: Djokovic.

Thomas: Roger Federer and Robin Soderling.

Which players are you hoping to be on court with?

Adrian: Mansour Bahrami because he creates a good atmosphere and he's really funny!

Thomas: Federer, because of the pure genius that he brings to the court. And also Andy Murray because of the atmosphere on court when the whole of the country is behind him.

How will you keep a straight face if your fave player is winning?

Adrian: I'll just think of something else at the same time.

Thomas: I'll focus on a spot in front of me and block out the rest of the world.

What happens about the schoolwork you'll miss?

Adrian: I'll just have to catch up.

Thomas: When we get back after the Championships we have to do the work we've missed so we do catch up.

Are your mates jealous?

Adrian: No, because they don't particularly like tennis.

Thomas: Some are because they're still at school while we get to go to Wimbledon every day for two weeks.

Do you play tennis?

Adrian and Thomas: Yes!

Adrian: Also, I came runner-up in our under-18 boys tournament in our club.