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Last Updated: Tuesday June 15 2010 05:05 GMT

Tired dog rescued from mountain

Dog rescue

A dog had to be carried down a mountain in Wales after he got too tired to walk down himself!

Three members of a mountain rescue team took turns to give the black Labrador called Nero a ride down on their shoulders.

Nero and his owner had been out walking but the pooch got really exhausted.

Chris Lloyd who helped rescue Nero said: "His paws got a bit raw, as he is used to running on grassland, and his back legs got a bit wobbly."

When the team reached the dog they weren't sure the best way to get him down the 946m mountain, called Y Garn.

Mr Lloyd said: "We first put him in a large bag, but it was such a hot day it was obvious the dog wasn't happy, so we decided to carry him down on our shoulders."

Nero is now recovering at his home in Chester.