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Last Updated: Monday June 14 2010 18:08 GMT

Vuvuzela horns are here to stay

What do you think of the vuvuzelas?

World Cup organisers say that they won't ban vuvuzela horns, even though there have been lots of complaints about them.

Some players, fans and TV stations reckon the constant drone made by the plastic horns is too distracting.

Others say that they are part of South African culture and should be allowed in the stadiums.

Rich Mkhondo from the organising committee says: "People love the vuvuzelas around the world."

He added: "Only a minority are against vuvuzelas... they will never be banned."

There are also worries that the horns are so loud they could damage fans' hearing.

The sound of all the vuvuzelas in a stadium is said to be like a jet aeroplane taking off. Other people say it's like a massive swarm of wasps or charging elephants.

Can't sleep

France captain Patrice Evra has already blamed the noise made by the instruments for his side's goalless draw in their opening group game against Uruguay.

"We can't sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas," he said. "People start playing them from 6am. We can't hear one another out on the pitch because of them."