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Last Updated: Thursday June 17 2010 17:01 GMT

Ore's World Cup diary: Part 3

Ore's world Cup 2010

Ore's update

I'm out in South Africa, taking Newsround to the centre of the World Cup action. I'm sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

"Also, we would totally love to hear from you guys! So send me your questions and predictions using the form on the right and I'll reply to as many as I can."

Chad von Cheesburger

THURSDAY 5PM: Well hello there boys and girls, it's your American buddy Chad von Cheeseburger here!!

"Ore's disappeared off to polish his vuvuzela so I thought I'd dip into his diary and let you know how I'm doing.

Well, it's going good guys.

Chad meets Gabby Logan

I had a little chat with some of your TEAM ENGERLAND players, oh yes I did. Wazza Rooney, John Tezza, even your soccer hero Beckham!

My, what an afternoon.

And you know what? I had a 'wee chat' as you Brits like to say with sports reporter Gabby Logan.

Over and out guys! Ciao! Laters!"

Ore's update

THURSDAY 12PM: Just met the Rangers assistant manager Ally McCoist and also the former Chelsea player Claude Makelele at the airport on the way way to Cape Town.

"Now we've arrived at Cape Town and Green Point stadium. Another sunny day in South Africa!

Green point stadium

This is a pic of Newsround producers Rhiane and John outside the stadium."

Ore's update

WEDNESDAY 11AM: I've just been to one of the England press conferences where journalists get to ask the squad questions.

"This time it was star striker Wayne Rooney answering, and I got to ask him a question!!

I didn't forget to mention my American buddy Chad von Cheeseburger either."

Ore questions Wayne Rooney

Ore's update

WEDNESDAY 9AM: I've just been on the same safari the England team went on... UNBELIEVABLE! I saw rhino, giraffes, hippos, zebras, warthogs and wilderbeast.

Ore on safari

TUESDAY 10.30AM: My American buddy Chad von Cheesburger managed to score some time with the England team during their training...

Chad gets cheeky with Beckham and Rooney

There's loads more of this to come on Sportsround this weekend. See what David Beckham and Ashley Cole said about Chad's wig, and whether or not Gerrard let him have a go at being England captain...

Catch it on CBBC at 6.30pm on Friday or BBC2 on Saturday morning at 7.25am.

Ore's update

TUESDAY 10.00AM: Thanks guys for all your questions and comments and for wishing me luck out here in South Africa. I'm having a great time, and here some answers to your questions.

Natalie, 12, Nelson, England: If the World Cup fans get out of control, could the competition ever be cancelled?

This World Cup has been in planning for six years and the South African government, along with the national football officials, has really increased the number of police and security there are in the country.

So everyone here is pretty sure that any trouble can be found out before it happens, otherwise it will be dealt with quickly.

Harriet, 10, Market Drayton, England: Who is your favourite player?

I'm a huge Wayne Rooney fan. As a Manchester United supporter I've watched his amazing performances all season and he's also been fantastic for England so I'm hoping he can do more of the same in South Africa.

Wayne Rooney
Ore is a huge Rooney fan

Cristiano Ronaldo may have left United last season but I still reckon he's the best player in the world... he's just unbelievably skilful - I love watching him bamboozle defenders.

Emily, 12, UK: What's it like in South Africa and how much travelling do you have to do?

South Africa is just amazing - everyone is so friendly. I was lucky enough to come here in January this year, learning about the country's culture and watching the preparations for the World Cup.

We do have to do a lot of travelling - South Africa's a lot bigger than the UK so every journey is long. But it's worth it because it means we get to see more of the country.

Joe, 10, Watford, England: Has anyone recognised you in South Africa?

Well I really wouldn't expect anyone to recognise me here - they don't get Newsround in South Africa (I know..unbelievable!).

Rustenburg school children sing

But when we visited a school in Rustenburg we had the most amazing welcome reception. They were really happy to see us so the whole school was out to say hello, they were singing and dancing and just shouting! I felt like a rock star!

Miles, 8, England: If England reach the final of the World cup , who will be in the starting line-up?

I love this question, thanks Miles - makes me feel like the England manager! Well it really depends on if the players can avoid getting injured.

Fabio Capello
Ore loves pretending to be manager

But with the squad as it is this would be my line-up: (GK) Joe Hart; (Defenders) Glen Johnson, John Terry, Ledley King, Ashley Cole; (Midfielders) Aaron Lennon, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry, Steven Gerrard, Joe Cole; (Strikers) Wayne Rooney.

Conor, 11, London, England: Hiya Ore, two things... 1) how far do you think England will go this time, and 2) what do you think the final will be?

Think and hope are two very different things! I hope they can win the World Cup of course, but I do think they've got a good chance of reaching the semi-finals.

They need a bit of luck along the way, but once you're in the last four anything can happen! I'm going to take a bit of a gamble on England playing the Netherlands in the final.

Ore's update

TUESDAY 8.30AM: I'm just on my way to the England training camp. It's about a 40 minute drive from our hotel so there's time for a little sleep! And here's a pic of Frank Lampard kicking about:

England squad training

Ore's update

MONDAY 4PM: Love them or hate them, vuvuzelas are the sound of the World Cup in South Africa.

"Some players say they loud horns are distracting when they're playing, but loads of local spectators reckon they're part of African football and they're fun!

I was treated to a special performance..."

Ore hears a vuvuzela orchestra...

Ore's update

MONDAY 11.45AM: I've just been to a press conference with Liverpool's Jamie Carragher. He said his kids have both asked for vuvuzelas!

Ore's update

MONDAY 09.30AM: Just arrived at the England training camp in Rustenburg.

"The place is incredible - better than a top class hotel. We saw the physio room, the state of the art gym and then got to watch the players train.

The highlight was watching David Beckham going through the motions!

We had 15 minutes to snap the players training, and we couldn't speak to them. I definitely didn't want to put them off their training...!"


David Beckham training in Rustenburg

Ore's update

SUNDAY 1.30PM: I've visited an incredible Lego Stadium that 45 schools in Jo'burg helped to build at a science museum.

"Basically, 45 schools in Johannesburg were selected to enter the Lego Stadium building exhibition at a science museum.

The lego stadium

They learnt building principles of mathematics, science and engineering while they were constructing the stadium.

Each team was made up of 10 kids and they had about 15,000 pieces of Lego to use.

The lego stadium

Some of the kids built for five hours a day for a whole month.

They said they were kept motivated by going out for burgers and getting ice-cream..."


SATURDAY 8PM: I got to be at the England USA match along with loads of other BBC reporters like sports presenter Gabby Logan:

Ore with BBC sports presenter Gabby Logan

Ore's update

SATURDAY 9AM: Ahead of the England v USA match, I met some kids who are flag-carriers for the two teams. They were so excited.

"We met some of the kids that were the player escorts for the England/USA game - they couldn't have been more excited to be there.

Ore with the mascots

They would be paired with England AND USA players, but pretty much all of them wanted to walk onto the pitch with Wayne Rooney.

Then I headed into the stadium. The last time I was there in January, there was still some work to get done for the finishing touches to the stadium. But it looked ready for its first World Cup game.

Ore with Chris Hollins

Later I met up with Chris Hollins of Strictly Come Dancing fame. He's probably tired of being that guy, but he is what he is. Do you reckon he looks happy to see me or just a bit surprised?!!"


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