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Last Updated: Monday June 14 2010 06:37 GMT

Canadian F1 win puts Lewis on top

Lewis Hamilton celebrating his Canadian F1 win

Lewis Hamilton has raced to the top of the world championship table by winning the Canadian Grand Prix.

He's now three points clear of his McLaren team-mate Jenson Button, who finished second in Montreal on Sunday.

It was one of the most exciting races of the season so far, with five cars battling for the lead from the start.

Hamilton fought with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso throughout, but Alonso lost out to Button with 14 laps to go. The Red Bull drivers came fourth and fifth.

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were also contenders for victory and finished fourth and fifth.

Hamilton's win means he's now three points clear of Button in the championship, with Red Bull's Mark Webber third and Fernando Alonso fourth.

But Hamilton didn't have everything his way over the weekend - earlier he was fined around £5,000 for not returning his car to pits quickly enough, after his final qualifying lap.