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Last Updated: Friday June 11 2010 14:02 GMT

In pics: World Cup opening ceremony

The World Cup opening ceremony

After months of waiting the World Cup has finally started in South Africa! The tournament kicked off with a massive opening ceremony at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

Dancers at World Cup opening ceremony

Dancers gathered round a model of a calabash cooking pot. Soccer City stadium was designed to look like the traditional bowl.

Mexico fan

Soccer City is where the first match will kick off between South Africa and Mexico.

World Cup opening ceremony

Flags of the 32 nations taking part were flipped over by 300 local children, who shouted out the names of each country in turn.

Dancers at World Cup opening ceremony

Loads of dancers took part, showing off a mix of modern and traditional African dance.

Dung Beetle

Some of the dancers had a very unusual role: carrying a massive dung beetle!

Dung Beetle

The beetle even got to show off his ball skills, by dribbling this MASSIVE football across the pitch.

Dancers at World Cup opening ceremony

Other dancers carried flags and traditional African blankets, which they held up to form a rippling map of Africa.

R Kelly and Soweto Spirital Singers

There was music from artists including the Soweto Spiritual Singers and R Kelly.

Planes fly over Soccer City

And a fleet of planes flew over the stadium to make sure everyone knew that the footy festival had finally started.