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Last Updated: Friday June 11 2010 14:57 GMT

Ore's World Cup diary: Part 2

Ore's world Cup 2010

Ore speaks

I'm out in South Africa, taking Newsround to the centre of the World Cup action. I'm sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

"Also, we would totally love to hear from you guys! So send me your questions and predictions using the form on the right and I'll reply to as many as I can."

Ore speaks

FRIDAY 11AM: After seeing all the fans dressed in their team colours, and hearing the excitement going on in Jo'burg ahead of the first match, we've had a change of plan...

"Change of plan! We were thinking of heading to Rustenburg to check out the England team.

The Johannesburg World Cup parade

But instead we're staying in Johannesburg to soak up the atmosphere of the opening day, opening ceremony and opening game.

The sun is shining and it's about 20 degrees! This is going to be a good day."


Ore speaks

FRIDAY 9AM: Only a few hours 'til the first game kicks off and we are SO excited out here in South Africa! Thanks for all your comments and questions, I've answered a few here:

Brogan, 10, Ireland: Who is the best player for Brazil?

I think Luis Fabiano could be Brazil's most important player - he was in blistering form for them in qualifying, bagging nine goals, so if he can do the same at the World Cup, Brazil will be really dangerous.

Rory, 12, Greencastle, Ireland: What team would you support if England was not in the World Cup?

Ore goes to South Africa
Here's Ore in the middle of the Johannesburg parade

I would definitely support South Africa. Being here in the host country, you can see how passionate they are about football and how behind their team they are.

Matty, 12, Middlesex, England: Do you think the World Cup will bring South Africa closer as a nation?

I really do. Just being in the streets when the team paraded through Johannesburg, you could see everybody was out there to support the team. And if South Africa are successful in the tournament, this place won't stop partying!

Shannon, 14, London, England: What is the time difference in South Africa? Are they ahead or behind the UK?

They're just one hour ahead here, which has been really helpful trying to talk with the team back at Newsround HQ in London. Unlike when Sonali was in Beijing for the Olympics in 2008 - when she was live on the programme at 5pm (UK time) I think for her it was the middle of the night!

Ore goes to South Africa
The World Cup parade in Johannesburg

Adam, 11, Leeds, England: Who do you think is the best player in the World Cup?

Well if his awards are anything to go by, Lionel Messi of Argentina is the best player in the world. But for some reason he hasn't been able to play for his national team in the same magical way he plays for Barcelona every week. So I'm going to say that I think Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo could light up the World Cup.

Theebiha, 10, London, England: What's the weather like there?

It has been absolutely amazing! It's supposed to be winter here and everyone was saying before we left that it might be cold and rainy. But I've been sweating buckets! In the mornings and at night it can get a little chilly, but on some afternoons the temperature has reached around 27 degrees celsius.

Ore speaks

THURSDAY 5PM: Another day in South Africa, another incredible experience. Check out these pics to see what I've been up to and how crazy the atmosphere is the DAY BEFORE the World Cup finally kicks off!

Ore goes to South Africa

"Kids were lining the streets celebrating the World Cup and cheering for South Africa!"

Ore goes to South Africa

"This was taken in New Town where they've made a giant statue from coke cans. Look how small I am next to it!"

Ore speaks

THURSDAY 9AM: I've been on my first school visit since getting to South Africa, and what an incredible experience! I actually felt like Justin Bieber they were all so welcoming!!

Ore visits a Rustenburg school

"I went to this school in Rustenburg who've been selected to support the England team.

Rustenburg school children sing

They were wearing England fans and they were the most welcoming school I've ever been to! They danced for us and sang and wore England flags.

About 80 kids there are getting to watch the New Zealand v Slovakia World Cup match and it'll be the first footy match they've ever been to."


Ore goes to South Africa
Here's Ore at a local school in Rustenburg with Newsround producers John and Rhiane.

Ore speaks

WEDNESDAY 5PM: I've been in South Africa nearly a week now, I've picked up my World Cup pass and I'm just about starting to settle in!

"Once I'd picked up my pass that gets me behind the scenes access to all the World Cup stadiums, I headed off to Soccer City stadium to see the players' changing rooms and even touch the pitch!!

Ore goes to South Africa

There was a massive parade for the South African team in Johannesburg, and I got really close to the team by managing to blag my way right up to their hotel where the bus left from.

The streets were packed with people wanting to catch a glimpse of the team - kids had left school early to celebrate and the traffic was at a complete standstill."


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